Smartphones seem to have become man’s new best friend. Right from checking the time and reading the news, to navigating traffic with GPS and booking tickets – people are depending on their “handy” helpers for everything!

However, are YOU using your phone for the most important task that is given to us – spreading the Good News? If not, we can help you figure out how you can turn your smartphone into a smart tool for outreach. Let’s dig a little deeper:


A smartphone has become a must-have gadget for everyone, especially for the younger generation. Studies indicate that 87% of the youth in America own and use a smartphone. What’s more, 46% of users cannot imagine their lives without smartphones. Not only do they wake up to their mobile devices, but also check them 74 times in a day!

Research also shows that using smartphones has changed the way people are leading their daily lives. 96% say that mobile devices help them stay in touch with friends and family more often. Plus, 81% believe that using mobile devices makes them more productive.

Folks, it’s official! We live in a smartphone-driven world. No other device has captured one’s attention like the smartphone has. Well then, why not leverage this tool to spread the Word?


In today’s world, being glued to your mobile phones is considered normal. Studies show that Americans spend a staggering 4.7 hours on their mobile phones every day, 50% of UK’s youth checks its phone in the middle of the night, and the list goes on!

So, what are people doing on their smartphones? Let’s take a look:

Chatting away: Text messaging is the most popular activity on smartphones. In fact, 97% of smartphone owners are constantly exchanging texts.

Posting and tweeting: People are becoming more social on their phones. Did you know that 91% of users aged 18-29 use social networking apps on their phones? What’s more, nearly 80% of social media time comes from mobile devices.

Sharing videos: Posting and sharing videos is a new rage! The average amount of time spent on viewing videos on mobile phones is over 40 minutes per day. Plus, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with other people.

Going crazy on apps: A whopping 90% of people’s time is spent engaging on mobile apps. What’s more, 19% of people say that they cannot make new friends without apps and 17% say that they can’t execute their jobs without them!

Well, these numbers speak for themselves. Millions of people are spending an insane amount of time on their phones every day. So, wouldn’t it make sense to use this very tool to present the Gospel to them?


Wouldn’t it be great if you had a smart app that helped you use your phone as a ministry tool? Wouldn’t it feel great to know that you’ve successfully impacted someone’s life in a positive way? Well, here’s some great news for you. The Voke app could be just what you need!

This free app leverages two popular trends – instant messaging and video sharing – to help you share the Gospel in a friendly and engaging way. The Voke app offers you an extensive library of thought-provoking videos as the perfect conversation starters to break the ice. All you need to do is choose a video and share it with a friend from the contact list on your phone.

This app then notifies you when your friend begins to watch the video, giving you the perfect opportunity to strike a deep, meaningful conversation with him or her. You can even share the app’s videos with your friends on social media. Talking about God, life and faith has never been this simple! Can sharing the Gospel get any easier?

Why not try the Voke app and see for yourself? Get the Voke app here.

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