Last month I watched a movie that made me think about how God still works despite any situation in life. It also made me think about my own life and wish that I could do more for others. The movie was based on a true story where people showed incredible courage. It made me wish that I had the same courage. That’s why I want to talk to you about what it means to courageously share your faith. The thought of sharing what you believe may seem intimidating; but stick with me as we explore how to turn our fear into faith.

Lifting Your Voice 

First, I began by praying and honestly asking myself,  why did I stop helping others? In the past I would  help in different ways like encouraging others and praying with them. I used to smile more and lift others up. What happened? 

Maybe what happened is that I forgot my mission. As Christians, we all have a mission: God has commissioned us to be witnesses wherever we go

Using Your Voice for the Mission

Participating in this opportunity is called “the Great Commission.”  It’s basically going to those around you and using your voice to talk about faith and following Jesus. There’s the word “co” in there because you’re not alone on this adventure. Jesus promises that he’s with us as we talk about him. God invites us to enter His work of reaching others. It’s not just our mission or His mission. It’s the commission because somehow, we’re in this together. 

It’s also not as complicated as you might think. You don’t have to become a missionary and travel to another country to start this adventure. You can impact someone who is really close to you by using your voice for good. Simple words can make a huge change in someone’s day – and even their eternity.

How will you lift your voice to share your faith?

What do you think would happen if you courageously used your voice to share share your faith? You can find out by downloading the Voke app and sharing videos with a friend. These videos can help them explore faith and see God’s love. They come in a series called the faith adventure. You can watch the faith adventure with your friend and answer questions about it together. That way, you both learn more about who Jesus is. We challenge you to take that step – to use your voice (and your phone!) to invite your friend on a faith adventure today!   

You might feel inadequate, like you’re not spiritual enough or know the bible enough to share your faith. You might also feel afraid of what your parents or your friends will say. And you’re right – feeling inadequate or judged is just terrible. But remember that when you work with God to impact someone, it greatly impacts your life too. In fact, later this month we’ll be hearing from someone who used their voice to talk about faith and the impact it had on her. Make sure you check our blog or are following us to know when this post goes live – because we really want you to be part of this adventure! And another reason to follow us is to keep up with  the #GoVoke tour to see more about how we’re sharing faith as a community. 

Your voice matters. You have a purpose and it’s found in joining God in His work. We challenge you to remember this and to share your faith with a friend today! 

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