Reach out at conference, continue that back on campus.

Voke places the central mission of campus ministry in the hands of your students and leaders. Empower students with an app that combines video series, direct messaging and one-on-one engagement to help them explore faith in Jesus.

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Evangelism isn’t easy, but it can be engaging. By leveraging this generations’ favor for relationships, video series, and digital conversation, Voke makes ministry engaging for students by reuniting the core components of ministry digitally.




All in ONE App

How it works

Share a Trailer

The hardest part of sharing the gospel is starting the conversation, especially when many students lack clarity, conviction and confidence in what they believe. That’s why we chose to partner with Nua to create one-of-a-kind Adventures. Each Adventure invites you to discuss and explore your questions about following Jesus.

You can start the conversation easily by sharing trailers to Voke Adventures through direct messaging. Your friends will receive the opportunity to vote how relevant the video was, giving you insight for the best next step. This could even be starting an Adventure together.

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Watch, Wrestle, and Wait

Adventures are video series tied to direct messaging that you can experience with a friend, without ever leaving the app. Once you’re in an Adventure, watch each 5-minute episode together and chat. This can happen in real-time or on your own time. To keep you connected, each person must answer the question attached to the episode before they can move forward. This is meant to get the conversation started, but it’s up to you to keep it going.

Multiply the Impact

Send your students into their campuses, workplaces and the world with confidence to share the gospel. The Faith Adventure invites everyone to journey through the core questions on faith and following Jesus. It ends with an opportunity to indicate where you are -- and where you want to be -- in a personal relationship with Him.

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Download the Voke App to Continue the Conversation

Looking to Disciple Your Small Groups?

How to Get Started

Tips to Continue Your Reach from Conference to Campus

Download the Voke app to go “With a Group” through the “Would I Have Liked Jesus?” 3-part Adventure. Invite your leadership team to your Group. This will allow you to see how it works together.

Introduce Voke Adventures at your conference using an Adventure trailer.

Invite students to download the app and choose their own 3-part Adventure to share “With a Friend”.

Give students the chance to share their Adventure trailers to start the conversation with their friends. This will allow students to practice sharing the gospel using this engaging, relationship-based digital platform.

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